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Local access to advanced liver evaluation technology

July 19, 2021

Florida Research Institute is offering 200 people free liver evaluations through LiverMultiScan, a non-invasive diagnostic technology.

This quick MRI noninvasively assesses liver inflammation, fibrosis, iron, and fat levels in those with suspected or confirmed liver disease. Information provided by LiverMultiScan is an additional diagnostic tool to give physicians an improved understanding of the patient’s liver health and help inform further treatment options.

“Standard liver scans only view a small portion of the liver, which often misses much of the damage in this vital organ,” said Therese Aragona, director of business development at Florida Research Institute. “The LMS shows a comprehensive view of the liver – where fat is collecting, what the iron levels are, and if there is any scarring. This is crucial knowledge since this type of damage can eventually lead to liver failure and transplant.”

Patients with liver disease, particularly NASH, have traditionally needed to undergo blood tests and then an invasive biopsy procedure. LiverMultiScan can help reduce the need for a liver biopsy by providing clinicians with a quantitative report to help monitor progression.

  • Diagnostic tool to aid in liver illness assessment
  • Non-invasive
  • Contrast-free
  • Quick MRI scan
Who is eligible?

Anyone with Type 2 diabetes who is interested in learning more about their liver health.

People with a cardiac pacemaker, metal implants or fragments, and certain tattoos should not receive a LiverMultiScan. Pregnant women also shouldn’t receive this diagnostic test.

Those interested can visit the FRI website or call 941.727.7772: