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FRI sponsors NASH summit

December 31, 2020

Florida Research Institute was honored to sponsor this year’s digital NASH (Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis) Summit. Our teams joined virtually to hear the latest insights from regulators including the FDA and EMA, from thought leading scientists in the discovery science stream and translational and biomarker experts in the translational drug development and biomarker development streams. As a leading clinical trial team, our staff was pleased to participate in cutting edge insights and thought-leading discussion to advance the front line of NASH candidate success.

The NASH Summit was a great way to end the year and we’re happy that a digital format was offered. Despite the pandemic, in 2020 our team screened 125 new subjects and launched 15 new clinical trials including:

  • 7 NASH
  • 2 NAFLD
  • 1 UC
  • 1 CROHN’S
  • 1 CELIAC
  • 2 PSC
  • 1 C. DIFF
If you’re interested in participating in a clinical trial or if you are a trial sponsor, please click here to connect with our team.