At Florida Research Institute, our mission is to provide compassionate, innovative healthcare while advancing the future of medicine. Since FRI was founded in 2015, we have conducted numerous trials in varying therapeutic areas and developed a strong industry reputation for our effective recruitment, dedicated research staff and impressive standard of care. 

Specific examples of our experience include:

  • First site to screen, randomize and complete nationwide – NASH trial

  • Recognized as high enroller (highest enroller) – NASH trials

  • Recognized for exceptional strategies in identifying, pre-screening, and screening subjects.

  • Highest site for enrollment nationwide – NASH trials

  • Highest site for enrollment nationwide – IBD trials

  • Highest Site for Randomization & Enrollment Goals – NASH trials

  • Highest enroller overall to date – NASH trials

  • Tripled enrollment goal set by Sponsor – NASH trials

FRI’s state-of-the-art research program will advance medicine for years to come.

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