About Florida Research Institute

Bringing advanced therapies to those in need.

Florida Research Institute (FRI) strives to bring advanced therapies to those in need while providing excellent patient care. Located in Lakewood Ranch, FL, FRI is a global leader in gastroenterology and hepatology research with a highly skilled team of more than 20 clinical research professionals.

FRI was founded in 2015 by Florida Digestive Health Specialists, one of the largest single-specialty gastroenterology networks in the state. This connection gives us a built-in database of thousands of potential local subjects and has allowed us to conduct a multitude of trials in various therapeutic areas. 

We have developed a strong reputation for quality research, and we pride ourselves on our industry track record of providing sponsors and CROs:

  • Quality data

  • Timely responses

  • High retention rates

  • Low screen failure rate

FRI’s state-of-the-art research program will advance medicine for years to come.

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