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Fostering Innovation. Improving Care.

Advanced clinical trials for liver diseases and gastrointestinal disorders.

1000s of Subjects

3 Dedicated Research Campuses

20+ Full-Time Staff

Selecting the right research facility for your trial can be time-consuming.

Our multi-therapeutic, dedicated clinical research site has an industry track record of providing high enrollment rates and quality data. And our partnership with Florida Digestive Health Specialists creates a built-in database of thousands of potential local subjects.

Our research areas include:

We Provide a Trusted Facility and Experienced Team for Your Trials.

What we offer:

Database of 1000s of Subjects

Three Campuses

20+ Dedicated Full-Time Staff

Phase 1-4 Studies

Dedicated Investigators & CRCs

Complete Regulatory Compliance

On-Site Processing Lab

Relationships with Imaging Partners

Let’s partner to bring your investigative products to market

Here’s How to get started:

1. Contact Us

Reach out via our website or email to discuss the preliminary details of your study.

2. Study Details

Once it’s determined we’re a good fit, we’ll complete a feasibility study for the CRO/Sponsor so we can get started.

3. Regulations

When the CRO/sponsor has determined all regulatory requirements are in place and the trial is opened, we’ll begin pre-screening subjects.